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Portrait Tips

Look Your Best!


Clothing... Here are some things to consider when selecting your clothes for you portrait.

. White or pastel colors ar perfect for lighter backgrounds.

. Casual outfits in earth tones work best for outdoor photographs.

. Middle tones or deeper solid colors are ideal for formal portraits.

. Avoid large prints or patterns that detract from your face.

. Choose long sleeved shirts or sweaters rather than short sleeved.

Hair...Plan to wear your hair in a style your're comfortable with. Avoid new cuts or styles.

Glasses...If you wear glasses, wear them for the portrait.

For Girls...Kep your make-up natural and fresh. Lotion is nice if you have arms and legs showing.

For Guys...A fresh shave will make your portrait better. If you have a beard or mustache, make sure it's

neatly trimmed.


Sandra does digital retouchiing on all photographs.  Removal of blemishes, scars, moles and stray hair is included with your creation fee. There will be a charge for brace removal or extensive body repair.